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Active Shooters Across America

Elementary School

The 4 ES incidents resulted in 29 killed (7 school employees) and 8 wounded (5 school employees). The shooters ranged in age from 20 to 48. None of the shooters worked at the schools, though 1 was a former teacher and 1 had a relationship with an individual at 1 of the schools.

Middle School

The 6 MS incidents resulted in 2 killed (2 school employees) and 6 wounded. The 5 MS shooters, who were students at the affected school, ranged in age from 12 to 15; the other shooter was 32.

High School

The 14 HS incidents resulted in 21 killed (including 5 school employees) and 40 wounded (including 11 school employees). The shooters ages ranged from 14 to 19. All but 2 shooters were current students at the affected school; one was a former student and the other was a high school student at another school.



Pre-k to 12


Higher Education





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We often focus on school shootings and youth violence as the only potential dangers schools face. However, the range and scope of the various hazards facing a school community are quite broad. People can pose hazards, such as a shooting, an assault, an act of vandalism, or an intruder or terrorist entering a school with violent intent. School violence perpetrators can be strangers to the school, but also can be students, faculty, staff, or parents.


So Forseti Project as came up with a teachable plan that can be given to Teachers, Security teams and any other faculty member

  • Threat Assessment

     It is important to have those who work in or around the school buildings and surrounding areas on a daily basis share their knowledge.


  •  The Break Down

    Once this is completed we meet to discuss what might happen during an emergency. Potential challenges and propose solutions must be explored together.


  • Training

    Now we can start with the hands-on training, Response during the incident: Run, Hide, Fight.


  • Disabilities / First-aid trauma kits, Occupant Self-Help and training

    As we said in the run portion no one should be forced to stay or leave the premises during an active shooter situation, Facility staff will be trained in the basics of hemorrhage control so that care can be initiated as quickly as possible.


Law Enforcement TRAINING

We can train Law enforcement, in active shooter scenarios, a better-trained officer means a faster response time. But the training doesn’t stop there, here in Washington State if the police department wants to give their officers specialty training they have to send them to Texas on the Departments own money.

Forseti Project can step in and give these brave man and women this training without them having to leave the state and without their departments spending any money. We proved officer down training and injured officer training as well as alternative self-defense techniques, we believe that we can give our officers a better chance at staying alive in the unfortunate event something happens to them on or off duty.

  • Range time

    we get these offices on the a well design shooting range.


  • Reloading techniques

    We show & use a multiple of different techniques on how to reload their service weapon and any other weapon they are give while they are on there shift.


  • Draw Shots & Situational Awareness

    We teach drawing their weapon under high stress & teach a better understand of awareness.


  • Cover and Concealment / Defensive Tactics

    We use Military techniques and integrate them into a civilian environment. These are alternative defensive tactics using things other then there service weapon or hand to hand.

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